Friday, December 7, 2012

The investment for a community development is considerable. The right location sells itself. With the changing property market, developments are constantly in flux. Little touches can make the difference between a full lot and a struggling vacancy. Custom Flags at the entryway of a new town development area, can not only welcome visitors, but catch the attention of the greater community. Many developers know this and spend a lot of time putting the new community identity on a flag, but your flagpole parts which fly those flags also tell a story.
Homesteader FlagpoleStone Bridge Estates is a new development in Schererville, Indiana. The stone entrance way sits in front a large uncultivated field, so visibility is key. It was very windy today, so it was difficult to hear, but there was a steady glow if traffic along the main road. At one time, this display had eight flagpoles, four on each side. Each pole had a PVC foundation tube, the 10 ft. homesteader flagpole could sit in. Some of these tubes are damaged, but would still work fine.

There are a lot of outdoor promotional hardware options. You can look at rotating flagpoles, feather flags and kits, bracket kits, or collapsable flagpoles to go to name a few. But for a sturdy temporary flagpole to attract customers, the homesteader has no rival. It comes in sections, can be delivered via UPS, and is easy to assembly or break down. It's lightweight makes it ideal, however, you would not want to leave the flagpoles exposed to heavy winds as the foundation is not strong and the flagpoles are very thin. The first part to break down on one of these flagpoles is the bottom section. Keep an eye on that section.