Wednesday, December 19, 2012

We got lucky today. The revolving truck still rotates. But that's not the whole story. Rich called us up ad said, "it's finally time to go up and replace the truck (after 15 years)". No problem, we could stop over in a few days and take a look. Frozen trucks happen. The stainless steel bearings wear down and eventually the truck can't rotate. In most cases, the truck stays frozen in the best location, with the prevailing winds. Changing the truck immediately is not necessary, but it is a tall tell sign that time is running out on your flagpole parts. So why were we lucky?

Sometimes, after a heavy storm, a once frozen truck will work itself out and start to revolve again. In this case, we yanked the rope a bit in either direction and it unlocked. We didn't have to run up there and change it. While we would say this eventually needs to be changed, you should get as much life out of your flagpole parts as you can, specially where expensive repairs are concerned.
Each Flagpole Truck serves a different purpose and gives you flag flying flexibility!
If you have an old flagpole with some damaged or malfunctioning parts, give them a test and see if you can't fix the problem the easy way before you go further down the flagpole repair rabbit hole. You can always repair the pole in simple ways from the ground, but a lift truck is a rare and one-time thing. You don't want to go up there twice. Even if the parts look warn out, that could just be the area you are located in, salt content in the air, wind patterns and speeds, elevation, nearby objects/landscape.