Monday, December 3, 2012

If you've ever gone to google maps, and typed in "Hotels", you'll notice hotels pop up in clusters. This could be because of travel conveniences, such as an airport, but even out in business centers, or stop-overs in the middle of nowhere, you will more often than not, find a string of hotels all in the same area. What FlagRunners like about hotels, is that they usually fly flags. But in many cases, the flagpoles have seen better days. A broken down flagpole is not the best way to great customers. With all the work involved in running a successful hotel, it is easy to see how the flag out front can become an after thought.

We were working in Indiana fixing up a 70 ft. flagpole, when we decided to run through Hammond, Indiana. We got off the express way (90) and took the truck up Calumet Ave. looking to see if we'd find anything. And sure enough, within 5 blocks, we glanced over and saw three internal flagpoles sitting in front of a large banquet and bowling alley (Dynasty Banquets). What made these flagpoles interesting, was the way in which they were set. A several foot tall cement partition separated the lots. This concrete block was about 20 feet long, just long enough to fit three very nice internal flagpoles.

But this isn't a flag story about the bowling alley, it's about the hotels across the street. Together with a restaurant, the Ramada, and Super 8, all had multi-flagpole displays. In the center of Hammond Indiana, just down Calumet Ave., we found Flag Square! Not only were we amazed to see all these flags, we were shocked to learn how these local businesses were using them. Guests from other countries were greeted with their National flag. While the Super 8 had residential telescoping flagpoles, which seemed to have been in need of some upgrades, the flags still made a great impression. Even the restaurant changes their wall-bracket flags for certain occasions.

Just goes to show, no matter where you are, when you least expect it, you can be amazed at what you find. Once you start Flag Running.