Thursday, November 29, 2012

One of the ways to easily look back in time, is not through the flag, but through the flagpole. This flagpole might date back three to four decades. Built with a solid foundation, and a now, completely unusable counterbalance mechanism, was once a shining post with a proud flag. This flagpole has really done its job. What makes a counterbalance flagpole so appealing?

A flagpole is a permanent asset to a building. A flagpole is simply a pole stuck in the ground with a way to hoist rope up to the top. But sometimes you don't always want a flagpole to be vertical. A counterbalance systems helps solve this. Some flagpole breakdowns can come a t a huge cost. For example, if the rope breaks and the flag comes down, the only way to fix the problem is to get someone up to the pulley to re-rope the flagpole. In a counterbalance system, the flagpole pulley comes to you. You will never have need for a lift device.

So maybe you are thinking, if I manage my parts right, I should never have the need to go up there. But that is not correct. At some point, the truck will fail and will need to be replaced. A counterbalance is more work initially, but over the years can pay for itself. Even a Nautical Flagpole can have a counterbalance system.