Tuesday, November 13, 2012

"Thank you Sean, we owe you and all our past and present veterans everything we have", say's Paul Tyska our flag flying friend. We did not know that Paul had lost his nephew. This fact spontaneously came up while installing the flagpole. So, on the second visit, moving his flagpole away from the tree branch swing set, we asked if we could get his flag story. It moved us, it stopped us. We are always so delighted with our flag flyer friends and our long relationships with them. Our flag truly has many faces.

Just two days before Lcpl. Sean Patrick Maher USMC was to be released to come home, we was shot down driving a Humvee. The relationship between Paul and his nephew Sean was cut so short. I could not help but be silenced by the power of Paul's heart felt reasons to raise a flagpole and flag his nephew's honor.

Paul did not tell me before hand, he simply approached with this little etched personalized plaque and it all became clear. Paul will be flying the flag everyday because he chooses to, he wants to fly our flag. This is to be a humble reminder of our gift of freedom that others have fought hard for, and in some cases, given everything for us to have. How precious the gift of life and especially with a loved one in these circumstances.

Want to learn more about moving a flagpole? All you really need are a couple tools and the right sleeve.