Wednesday, November 14, 2012

We have talked about recommended flag size in the past. This is an example of an over-sized flag on an undersized wooden flagpole. The 5 ft. x 8 ft. US flag hangs down 9-1/2 ft. This means the flag is just 4-1/2 ft. from the ground. A large flag can have a really great effect, but needs to be flown on the right size flagpole.

What is so interesting about this flag display, is that the flagpole is old, white painted, wooden, and 15 ft. tall. It sits but 50 steps away from a huge 3 to 4 story house with Victorian columns. The disproportion was noticeable from the road.

In this case, we'd recommend a new fiberglass flagpole. This would match the former wooden aesthetic, as well as the house. Any height from 25 to 35 feet would look great. On a pole such as that, they could even go up to a 6 x 10 ft. US flag.

There are two ways to find the right size flag for your flagpole. You can either click here. Or you can use the flagpole finder to find the model of your flagpole. If you find your flagpole, you can check the right size flag in the specifications. Knowing you flagpole on the Flagpole Finder can help you also find the right flag pole parts for when they need to be replaced.

Speaking of flag pole parts, this flagpole was missing a brass swivel snap. The halyard or rope was strung through the bottom grommet. It is a good idea to use the appropriate number snap hooks for your flag toward the bottom of this page is a helpful chart. This saves you from having to untie the rope to replace the flag.