Friday, March 2, 2012

ASHVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA – St. Luke's Episcopal is "a country church in the city." The story of the church does not start in a church at all. In fact it starts with a man, Rev. Jarvis Buxton, around 1858. A church-less congregation grew out of front lawn services underneath weeping willow trees. By 1893, it was time to build a church. The first service was held on Septmenber 17th, 1894 for $728.00. The congregation sits in the same building to this day.

While many things have not changed about St. Luke's Episcopal, the flagpole has. Like so many other churches and community buildings, the flagpole had slowly worn out over time and fallen during a storm. It sat in the basement and for the current pastors including Rev Patty Mouer, something had to be done. The residing boy scout troop investigated the flagpole, and everything seemed to be in working order except the bent section near the base.

Repairing a flagpole is more daunting than replacing a flagpole. It may seem like a simple job to raise and fly a flag, but there are many different types of components and hardware. It can quickly become difficult to know what to do or what order to do it in. We were extremely happy when we got a call from St. Luke's. It was even more a treat to get the note of thanks and a few pictures some weeks later. What a great flag story...