Friday, July 12, 2013

The other day, I was talking to a friend of mine about his typical weekend. Like most people, he is a passionate guy about his day job, but also has a full-time hobby. Surprise, surprise, he's a runner. And he runs for a team. Every weekend, or just about every weekend he and his team show up to a race. They work together to try and set PRs (personal records). So I asked him, "You ever think about showing up with a flag?"

I explained to him what I am about to explain to you. Now, at each racing event, he can put a flagpole up in a matter of seconds, put his team flag in the air, promote his organization while rallying the troops for race-time. Flags have an unmistakeable presence that doesn't stop at the house or the office.

We plant a flag in the ground as a statement like planting a flag on the moon. But sometimes, you want your flag pole to be portable. We fly a flag where we live, there is a flag outside at work, you'll find a flag when you pass the post office. But what about in between? There are several reasons you might want to fly a flag temporarily with a portable flag pole.

Portable Flag Poles!

The Lawn Mate

The pictures (above and to the left) show the Lawn-Mate. This flagpole comes in 2 sections for a total height of 12 feet. If one of the sections breaks, you can replace it easily. Because it is 6 ft. long, shipping is inexpensive.

This flagpole comes with a heavy-duty cast aluminum ground sleeve with cap. Put the sleeve into a lawn, drop in the flagpole and you have a pole plenty strong to fly a 3 x 5 ft. flag. Finished with a ball top, this flagpole looks like a mini-commercial flagpole when fully assembled.

The biggest problem we find with these flagpoles is that flag flyers use them as permanent displays. This is particularly true for car lots, cell phone stores and real estate sites. They look great for a few weeks or maybe even a few months but after that, these flagpoles will become more of an eye-soar than an attraction.

Collapsible Flagpole To Go

Another, lighter-duty option is the Collapsible Flagpole To-Go. Get anywhere from 6 to 21 feet. You can put this flagpole in the ground with a ground sleeve or a tire mount. Just set the base on the ground, drive over it or put a weight down. From there, drop the flagpole in and your can raise, lower, and attached flags with the same basic mechanism as the telescoping flagpole as the sections are tapered down inside of each other.

These flagpoles are perfect for the tail-gate fan. You can fly anything 3 x 5 ft. and under. But we would strongly advise against anything larger.

Have a company picnic or an event coming up? Take a look at these options. In the age of electronics, mobility and presence is everything. Flying a flag is not just something you have to leave at home. Tell us what makes you mobile?