Tuesday, July 23, 2013

DIY Flag Pole Project, Do It Yourself like the pro's do.

Are you looking for commercial flag poles for sale online?

Don't settle. Read this first to get all the information you need to make an informed decision!

Is it time to raise the flag at your principal place? Do you have a property or a business that wants to fly the flag? Then you need a flagpole and a plan to get you started. Let's put up a flagpole that will showcase your place. We all know the Flagpole marks the spot and puts you on the map.

Let's get started the FlagRunners way at FlagDesk.com. This is a good way for you to join the flag flying community, by flying the way so many other flag flying people do.

First visit FlagDesk and look over their nifty tools. Start at the 'Flagpole Finder' tool. This will determine just about everything for your project at the most reasonable cost.
  • How tall do you think you want your flagpole to be from the ground up? Go ahead and take a stab  at it, one story, two? Are you a long way from the road or is it up close, you probably do not need a 50' flagpole more than likely.
  • Find on the 'Flagpole Finder' what wind load capacity you will need for your location just locate yourself on the handy map.
  • What strength or wall weight is required for your wind load capacity in your area .
  • Let's look over the overall cost and general plan for the project:
    • The flagpole
    • installation plan
    • Freight cost, material cost, shop drawings
    • The intangibles: additional parts, the timing, tools for installation, outside help / equipment
    • flagpole colors and special features such as lighting, tilt down, nautical, etc.?
You might as well start off with a guess like this...

I have a ranch style home a few hundred feet from the road. I think I want my flagpole half way to the street so I can see it on approach to the property and also we want to enjoy the flag from the front of the house while we are entertaining others on the  front porch. My requirement is I do not want to end up in a few years with a display I am happy with now and then in the future...
House Flag in a Snag

Company Flag in a Snag
Congratulations! You are now into the process of Do It Yourself. You are thinking ahead and planning, working with the process. This will insure you are making all the right choices for your display. We can start again here now and go through this process again step by step until you are ready.

Go to FlagDesk.com
Go to Flagpole Finder

Let's start again with your profile. The finder wants to determine the characteristics of the flagpole you are looking for. A good place to start is flagpole height. How tall is the building? How much ground between building structure and the street? With one story buildings, you can usually count on a 25' - 35' flagpole.
  1. Start by selecting 30' (not 25' or 35') in the flagpole height drop down. That height can usually be walked up and save you a bundle.
  2. In the Butt Diameter select, use the pull down carrot that shows you 4", 5" or 6" sizes. Again, choose the middle size 5", (not 4" or 6"). 5" is pretty big, looks commercial and professional.
  3. Now, look at the 'Wall Weight' drop down for the flagpole, choose the middle weight again here to start. That is the .156 size, (not the lighter .125 or heavy .188 wall weight). You can go up or down, based on cost, strength, number of flags and other factors for your final decision.
  4. Select your wind zone, most are in the 90mph zone. Start there or click on the wind zone to see the map. Later, knowing your wind load rating will determine if you need a stronger flag pole or if a lighter-weight will do the job, saving some cost.
  5. Now for the fun, click the 'Find Flagpoles Button' and see what the Flagpole Finder finds for you.

Now for the results. Remember, the information in the pop-out will make for a good choice / plan). Two flag poles from thousands match the description of your selection. You can use the listed general specification to compare flagpoles.

Now lets look at the - Included Pole Part Accessories:

These are the included pole accessories for this flagpole. *Note: These pole accessories may also be purchased separately to rebuild or replace broken parts & accessories.

Here is what you know:
  1. The new flagpole you are buying is right for you.
  2. Your general installation plan. How you are going to generally do it. 
  3. Available shop drawings.
  4. The flagpole style and the parts it will come with to assemble.
  5. Your flagpole meets all wind load requirements. 
  6. You have considered other accessories like security or lighting.
  7. Freight cost and timing, the help you may need from others to walk it up or have it picked up. 
We find that 3 or 4 searches like this one above and you will be ready to do the job with the minimum of tools. Considering the new flagpole as the X that marks the spot for your property.  You can be the installer, we will show you how. This means you are your very own 100% DIY Flagpole General Contractor. The only difference? You will be enjoying this flagpole for years and flying the flag for yourself.

Have any questions getting started with the Flagpole Finder, ask them in the comments section below! Thanks for reading.