Monday, May 20, 2013

Let's talk about Swiss Precision Machining. This company has its headquarters in Niles, IL, where we happen to be out on a run after doing a job just North of O'hare International Airport. This small nook or business park is home to some of the largest companies in America including a Coca-Cola distribution plant. And yes, Coca-Cola has a flag. But we are not looking at their flag today, we are looking at Swiss Precision Machining.

You can tell a lot about a company when you visit their front door, and then look at them electronically. If the impression is unified, the company message is unified. We don't often talk about a company electronically because we are flag people, but the world is changing. A company now has two front doors. Swiss Precision Machining is a great company to take notes. The front lawn features a flagpole and the website features a blog tackling current issues in the industry.

Flagpole Breakdown

EC25 Architectural 25' x 5.5" x 0.188" Clear Anodized Aluminum Flagpole

Height: 25 to 30 ft.
Material: Commercial Aluminum
System: External Halyard
Finish: Clear Anodized
Butt Diameter: 6"
Wall Thickness: 0.188"

Rope has recently been changed. Swivel snap hooks look good. But today, we don't want to diagnose a problem and talk about the different ways to fix it, we want to talk about the plaque found on the flagpole. A plaque is a great way to dedicate the flagpole and add an element of personal history to your display.

Plaques are a nice custom addition to flagpoles. If you are looking to put in a new flagpole at your location, find the right flagpole for you (try this flagpole finder), ask about adding a plaque. As a flag flyer, you are giving your people a flag to follow. With the dedication, you give your community a voice. What do you want to say? How do you want to be seen. Take a lesson from Swiss Precision Machining.