Wednesday, April 10, 2013

When you are putting up a flagpole, know your options. Check out tilt-down flagpole mechanisms. On, you can find your flagpole using the flagpole finder. Every standard commercial aluminum flagpole has its proper tilt-down option in the related products section down the page.

James Square Health and Rehabilitation has a classic steel tilt-down who could use a bit of rehabilitation itself. Lets take a look!

Two posts extrude from the ground. In fact, they are sunk into a foundation that encases both shafts. Once these shafts are plumb and parallel, the flagpole is raised and a cotter pin in slid through the three posts (outer posts and flagpole). An additional plate is welded to the bottom. With a pin to hold the flagpole in place, the outer posts take the bulk of the stress. When that pin is removed, the flagpole can be tilted down, and the hardware on the top of the pole can be removed.

So how long do these contraptions last? With steel, rust is always an issue. You want to check the foundation for a good water run-off form. Sometimes, we see cracks in the concrete, water sitting at the base, and rust coating the bottom shafts. It is only a matter of time before these flagpole fail and fall down. We hear stories of this all over the country. That is why the standard has become aluminum. So there is no real set shelf-life to a steel tilting flagpole.

We noticed several steel tilt-down flagpoles throughout Syracuse, NY. It is clear that at some point, there was a flag dealer here who was recommending, selling, and installing these steel flagpoles here. In many cases, these flagpoles had functioning, updated parts, while the standard steel in ground flagpole was broken-down not flying a flag at all. These customers, convinced the tilt-down system would keep the pole flying a flag were right. It might just not be the original flag flyer themselves.