Thursday, January 24, 2013

The FAA doesn't just fly planes, they also fly flags. There seems to be a great deal more protocol around planes than flags here. With the truck facing against the prevailing winds, you can see how these parts would wear out quickly. Airports are typically large open fields with a lot of wind. Positioning the flag with the prevailing winds can save months of flag life.


Every time I go to the airport, I hear the announcement... "Think 3, 2, 1..." That is about the time I throw my headphones on and choose music over a repeating automated message. This message comes from the FAA or Federal Aviation Administration. Safe travel has become increasingly easy and increasingly difficult over the years. What do I mean by that?

Now-a-days, with proper Identification and a credit card, a plane will take you just about anywhere in the world. People are increasingly relying on planes for travel and shipping. But after September 11th attacks, a recession, and two wars on terror, the FAA can not afford to take risks with planes and the passengers on board. Thus, we hear the automated announcement, "Think 3, 2, 1..."

I don't know how to make a safer aerospace system,  but I do know how to make a better flag display. My message to the FAA is, think 3, 2, 1. Three things will get you to two flags per year and make for one happy flag flyer.
  1. Use the correct type of halyard (rope). In this case, a rope assembly for the cam cleat system.
  2. Do not tie swivel snap hooks to the rope, attach them so they are adjustable and can be removed when they wear out. See this diagram.
  3. Use a revolving flagpole truck or place the pulley with the prevailing winds.