Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Running through the front lawns of businesses along Manheim Rd., in Des Plains IL, low and behold, we were stopped in our tracks. A neglected flagpole with moss-grown halyard and old hardware stood in front a vacant lot. I looked down and saw an "O" is for "Orange" card. Now. You can't see an "O" is for "Orange" card without thinking of the age old over-used joke with the punchline, "Orange you glad I didn't say banana?" Orange we glad we found this card to help us talk about this neglected flagpole!

Avoid the equipment charges. Make your flagpole
part replacement routine!

Grass has gown up to cover the base, the grounds were covered in garbage and the flag was nowhere to be seen. Sad however, this flagpole is deluxe, external revolving with a special clear anodized finish. This is not your average flagpole. When are go through a business park, you can see how flags bring life to any property, vacant or not. The sad part of this story is this flagpole is close to no longer operating. If the rope breaks, you'll need heavy duty equipment to fix the pole.

This pole deserves some wire-center halyard (FlagDesk PH10 - Silver). The wire-core adds a commercial grade safety to prevent breakage. The braiding of this halyard also uniformly shrinks and expands giving it resistance to seasonal changes which break down other ropes. With a pole of this size and style, brass swivel snaps are nice, but stainless steel swivel snaps are better and last a great deal longer. Your flag will thank you!

Sadly, this is not the first time we've encountered a reality firm's flag neglect. But we also find realtors across the country using the flagpole to promote the vacancy, so the pendulum swings both ways. In the end, we are confident a business is always better with a flag, even if it is a business trying to rent out a property.