Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Brentwood Nursing Homes' flagpole is simple, nicely placed, and gets an A+ for craftsmanship. Most facilities for rehabilitation, temporary and assisted living have flag displays. That is one reason we really enjoy what these companies do for their communities. The flagpole does not have to be the top of the line. A simple commercial pole such as this one requires little maintenance and looks great. It all depends on the surroundings, placement, and building. So What is the difference between slip-fit and regular foundations?

A typical foundation sleeve is galvanized steel. It has a base plate and a ground spike. It is important the foundation sleeve goes below the frost line. Above the frost line, ground can shift and cause the flagpole to lean from season to season.

However, on shorter poles, such as 15 ft. and 20 ft. this is not as much of an issue. What is needed to set a flagpole is a form. PVC is a great material to act as that form. There are two types of PVC sleeves, slip-fit and regular.

Slip-fit PVC foundation sleeves are much more difficult to set because they must be 100% level. The flagpole slides into the sleeve with very little give (as you can see in today's episode). Regular PVC sleeves on the other hand have a gap between the wall of the flagpole and wall of the PVC sleeve. This gap is filled in by sand. As you pour more sand, you can adjust and level the pole. Either way, you want to prepare before you dig.

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