Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Most times, a video will show you a product right out of the box. It is very difficult to know how the product will look years down the road. With the investment of a flagpole, you want something that will be functional, look great, and be durable for many years. For an example, a telescoping flagpole (not in this video) has a lot of plastic moving components. These flagpole parts can break easily with use, as well as weather. Replacing these parts can also be complicated if you are not sure of what exact model you purchased originally. When shopping for a flagpole where can you start?

In the case of this video, we are looking at the SSTS20 flagpole. This flagpole comes in sections with a joint, but is spun with the same professional grade as all other commercial aluminum flagpoles. So for a very good price, you can get a commercial aluminum flagpole shipped to your location UPS. Easy set screw keep the joint in place and helps the integrity of the aluminum up through the shaft.

The truth about these flagpoles, is that they are fantastic for another reason, other than shipping. When something goes wrong, you can easily take them apart. For just a bit more, you can upgrade from a this residential flagpole to a heavy commercial aluminum flagpole that can also be dismantled. The most common problem with flagpoles is snapped halyard or failed truck pulley. Both of are complicated for commercial aluminum flagpoles, but not for the SSTS20. So what's the catch?

After years of use, the sections oxidize. Black markings surround the sections of the SSTS20. This is most prevalent at the bottom section as you can see here, but it will also happen on the upper sections. This can rub off on the flag, effecting the flag life. You can always dismantle the flagpole and clean it, this will prevent the white stripes of the US American flag from staining.