Wednesday, December 12, 2012

We see this from time to time. How do you fix a leaning pole? You need to dig a new foundation...

Chances are, if the pole is leaning, the foundation is not substantial enough to hold the pole upright. Over time, this could become dangerous. Best to start fresh, get a new foundation sleeve to set the pole right. Start Here. If you are building a flagpole or moving a flagpole, check the flagpole finder to see if you can use a PVC or steel foundation sleeve. In the case of some PVC flagpoles, only a ground spike is required. The trick is to not make things too complicated. Even poles up to 15 ft. may not need a concrete foundation.

How do you remove a flagpole?
Removing a flagpole come down to the way it was installed initially. Standard flagpoles are set in sand, but many homemade flagpoles are set in concrete. If the flagpole is set in sand, you can vacuum out the sand and pull the pole straight out of the foundation sleeve. If the flagpole is set in concrete, you will most likely have to cut the flagpole at the base and fill the hole with dirt. If you are not trying to reuse the pole, it may be easier to cut it in sections.

What is the correct foundation size?
The foundation should be a four (4) to six (6) times the size of the butt diameter of the flagpole. A three (3) inch butt diameter flagpole should have a 12 - 18 inch diameter hole. You also want to measure the ground sleeve base plate to make sure the hole is large enough uniformly down. Typically a form is used on the top of the foundation to help finish the base. This foundation tube shoudl be about four (4) times the height of the total length. 36" tube = ~9" form (exclude ground spike).