Monday, December 17, 2012

Running errands, heading to the shop, listening to the radio on the way to work, the holidays are in full swing. And it seems everyone is taking full advantage. But for a flag company, the holidays have a slightly different twist. At first it can be a somber, but in the end, it adds a depth to the holidays which can make them more meaningful.

We and others make lists of our family and friends to sort out gifts, cards, and plans. But at work, we settle in for Veteran Cemetery Stick Flag production. On FlagRunners, we talk a lot about the big flag poles, those flag displays you pass everyday, or hopefully stare out your front window. We work on helping people fix their display so the flag works better for them. And so far, we've seen so many unique and interesting ways to fly a flag.

Flagpoles can be complicated, simple, sufficient, or everything in between. but Veteran Cemetery Stick flags are made strictly, one way, respectful and specific. In order to meet the demands, it requires a lot of forethought and planning. So while Memorial Day is not for many months, our holidays are very much dedicated to honoring veterans and their families.

Each part of a Veteran Cemetery Stick Flag must be sourced in the US. The fabric, the dye, the dowel, the spear, even the staples. Not only sourced, but sourced in massive quantities to meet the large demands. The roll goods are shipped in and the flags are all finished by hand. they are stitched on all four sides, and attached to the dowel with staples. "Made in USA" has become a movement lately, with the global market expanding exponentially. But for many companies, availability in America is an issue (particularly for electronics companies).

But as we gather materials, plan for next year, and treat each stick flag as a soldier (one to be honored, respected, and thanked) our holidays are invariably reshaped. Our love for each other, is passed down from families and friends. Much as our freedom to have and practice these traditions come from the sacrifices our nation has endured. As a flag company, our holidays, we cherish the time we can relax and enjoy those close to us, but also we are in preparation for next years' traditions to uphold our truths which are self evident. All men are created equal and we intend to keep it that way.