Friday, November 9, 2012

When you are working with stainless steel components, you want to stick with stainless steel for your connection points as well. But why?

Today we continue the march into the deluxe internal flagpole mechanism, its parts, components, mechanisms, and functions. The Quick Link is reserved for internal systems. It is used as a connector between the cable assembly to the flag arrangement, the swivel snap hooks to the flag, the beaded retainer rings around the pole and connected to the snap hooks, and the flag arrangement to the counter weight. Stainless steel components wont rust as easily, keeping your flagpole looking new, and more importantly, not breaking down.

You don't have to use any tools for the quick link. Hand tightening should be plenty. If you do use tools, you may not be able to remove the quick link later (after several years) due to oxidation. The threading will actually fuse to the casing and unscrewing the link open will be extremely difficult. Click Here to look at proper setup and assembly.