Wednesday, November 7, 2012

An access door WILL NOT:
An access door for your internal system flagpole WILL:
  • Provide security for your flag and flagpole parts
  • Improve the integrity of your flagpole
  • Aesthetically completely your commercial grade internal system flag display
One of the things we see most often, is a missing access door. Yes, it is not integral to the life of the flag or flagpole parts, but these stainless steel or even rope components are expensive and without an access door, you have NO security. Keep your flagpole secure and beautiful.

Today, we take a look at the access door for an internal 70 ft. flagpole. While every internal system flagpole has an access door, there are many different kinds of access doors. If your access door key or lock is broken, we show you how easy it is to replace. Virtually every model internal flagpole has a few different kinds of access doors. Some are seamless or flush with the pole, while others are bolted on the side of the pole. The door is determined by the type of model, year it was made, the materials, finish, and dimensions. If you lost the door all together, email us a picture to and we will find your access door.