Tuesday, November 6, 2012

So what is the actual function of the Flagpole Retainer Ring?
For a quick guide on Retainer Rings, Click Here.

In this episode, we talk about why a retainer ring, sling, or necklace, however you may call it, is an important piece to any internal flagpole system. Both the internal winch cable flagpole systems and the cam cleat internal rope flagpole systems use retainer rings. We also discuss how to determine what size/length retainer ring you might need for your flagpole.

We are looking at a 14" diameter flagpole, 70 ft. tall. This massive flagpole uses an RR14. Having alternating 2" and 1" nylon beads helps the retainer ring roll up and down the pole. The beads also prevent the stainless steel wound cable from contacting the aluminum, rubbing into it creating marks and scratches on your pole. In addition, the 2" beads on a pole of this height last longer (as apposed to a sling with all 1" beads). For shorter poles, the 2" beads are not necessary.

Take a look at your parts and determine if it is time to change your retainer rings. Look for brittle points, worn down nylon beads, cracked beads, or any points at which the flag could catch and tear. This is the leading cause of flag fray.