Monday, November 12, 2012

Even a 3.5 lb counter weight falling from top of a 25 ft. internal flagpole can do significant damage to a car hood, let alone our toes. When you first put up an internal system flagpole (cable or rope) it might seem like the parts are going to last forever. Think again. The flagpole parts and hardware will do the job for years, but eventually the outdoor elements will win.

 If you are a fellow flag flyer, you know eventually the flag wears out. But what you might not know is that the hardware parts are wearing out as well. These bad flagpole parts become the issues on your flagpole, bringing up issues for your flags durability. "Oh, pass the tissues the flags have issues", said the FlagRunners'. The bad flagpole accessories or flagpole parts become a drag and a snag on the flag. Easy to investigate and inexpensive to change out as long as everything is working. Don't let it break, make it retire.

Here is a check list of Internal Flagpole Parts: