Monday, June 4, 2012

Extra Space has gone the extra mile to make sure all their flags and flagpole parts work with the heavy Chicago wind up on the roof. We visited the roof to help give these parts a once over. We ended up upgrading certain pieces to make sure they have no problems moving forward. Zaul Ocampo gave us a tour as he explain how amazing it was to get a call from people in the neighborhood enjoying the flags.
"We have 7 floors in a prime location on the north side of Chicago near Loyola University with over 900 units. We get calls about the flag, it has become a part of peoples daily lives. They like to see which way the wind is blowing, if the sun is shining, and they seem to salute the flag. It is important to me that the neighborhood and our customers have that little bit we can share. We are very proud to have those flags." Explained Zaul Ocampo.

FlagDesk received a call from T2 Construction in Chicago. They had a client who wanted to make a statement and noticed the former tenants of the building used to fly flags. While the poles were well anchored and the foundation was good, these were old steel shafts which had all but rusted out on top in the harsh elements 7 floors up. Extra Space Storage wanted to fly flags again. T2 Called us and asked what they could do about it. They had a great idea to use the existing anchored foundation as a flange. They could slide the poles over the flange. But because the flange was steel and the flagpole shaft was aluminum, there was the factor of galvanic action. When you put two different types of metals together, the more dense metal will cut into the softer metal over time from friction. Flagpoles tend to have a high vibration in heavy wind. This steel flange would cut through the aluminum in no time. In order to prevent this, T2 coated the flange in a thick tar paint. It also acted as a rubber buffer from the floor to the pole. for added stability, T2 installed collars with the same steel and tar treatment. With this install, Extra Space could now fly the American Flag and the Chicago Flag! But that is not the whole story...