Tuesday, February 21, 2012

When we got the call, we were a bit taken aback. Our Lady of the Ridge needed a flagpole in 4 days for the 9/11 memorial which was being installed in front of the church. We don't normally do this, but we had to head south for a FlagRunner's trip and thought it was a small token to a great story. We were greeted at the church by several police officers. Usually when you are greeted by several police officers, you don't have the feeling you are doing something right.

We took the flagpole off the truck and set it beside the beautiful plaque which was placed there the day prior. When we saw the entire community gathering to erect the flagpole, we knew we wanted to be a part of it. We asked them if they had any experience putting up a flagpole, and they seemed like they could use a hand. So that afternoon, we found ourselves in the middle of a flag story in the making.

As the flag raised and we headed out of town, nothing could have been more enjoyable than sharing in that experience. Every flag flyer should be proud of their flag story.