Sunday, January 8, 2012

We are in Philadelphia, where the roots of liberty and the foundation of our nation's flag was fortified under one constitution. It is easy to take for granted the building blocks of our country. Particularly when the only thing our education requires is a constitution test in 5th grade. It is embedded in our culture, community, and practices. The unavoidable truths that hold themselves self-evident under one nation.

So why do we need a constitution? That question is like asking, why do we need a flag?

Before this constitution was signed and agreed upon by the 11 states on September 7th, 1787, we had a constitution, the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union. And the biggest problem with it was that money, printed by Congress, was useless. Each state had it's own regulations and answered to no one but themselves. With that, debts were left unpaid, taxes were uneven, and surrounding countries believed the impending destruction of an only hopeful nation to be was inevitable.

And while not all agreed, an agreement was made by the majority. We had a constitution which ask of us only what we ask of ourselves everyday. How can we hold ourselves accountable to our actions and in such, have to right to happiness, property, and freedom? In a capitalist community, how can we celebrate these opportunities under liberty and justice for all?

We have evolved. The continuing flag story of our nation is always evolving. But our principles have always been the same; whether it meets a political agenda or not, we still have to answer to a constitution. And as long as we do, we will be FlagRunners because that is something we can get behind.